“photos without moments are not memories” - me, sky-ooh



Landscape Photographer

Travelling and landscapes have always been the reason of why i love photography. Capturing those magnificent mountains and soothing oceans have always been my dream. Landscape images isn't just an image however it is a memory where it able to bring me back to the exact place of that particular time.

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Wedding Photographer

Raw emotions and details! are what wedding is all about. It isn't about having the most lavish or perfect posing but its all about those raw moments. "Skyvows" section are dedicated to only weddings where i make those memories into a gallery and turn it into a beautiful story.

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"The Little Ones" Photographer

Being a parent isn't easy and we didn't realise how fast our children are growing. Therefore i dedicate my time and effort to capture those wonderful experiences where these images will be reminding us of why we wanted to be a parent.

Creativity is intelligence having fun
— Albert Einstein