Mustaqim & Atikah, two amazing smart couple who make a good decision to get marry in their mid-20s, good decision guys! The shoot start at Mustaqim’s house to get his getting ready shot. He was accompanied by his two side-kicks who are always beside him throughout the whole ceremony. Amazing effort guys!.

We make our way to mosque Al-Nadhah to witness their solemnisation and as usually Mustaqim just need 1 try to claim Atikah as his lawfully wife. It was a very good event and Atikah bridal artist is the amazing Aisyah from LA Bridal. How lovely both of them look. Anyway, after Al-Nadhah photoshoot we proceed our way to Al-Nur mosque. As usually photoshoot at Al-Nur and soon after we make our way to the nearby park but due to unforeseen weather it was drizzling. Too bad before I did recce the place a week before and plan my photoshoot and the place is just too amazing!

We changed our plan to the first in the world Changi Airport, Jewel. Outside the Jewel because there are so many tourists and people crowded to see the soothing flow waterfall in the middle of the Jewel. We shoot and we enjoy and soon after we say goodbye.

Thank you Mustaqim and Atikah for the amazing experience. How I wish my wedding was as simple as yours with no hassle of changing outfits and etc. Have a blissful marriage guys!!


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