this wedding page is dedicated to ramahdhan and faezah. two amazing couple who plan a cosy wedding but most meaningful event. I begin to capture faezah getting ready shot at the hotel. the make-up artist did an amazing job that she able to turn faezah into such a beautiful bride. aside the makeup, I was amazed of faezah’s outfit. she bought, designed or tailored by herself same goes to the groom’s outfit.

we make our way to the mosque for their solemnisation. it was so lovely and emotional that I couldn’t stop capturing the emotions of every person especially the bridesmaid. they began to shed some happy tears and same goes to the bride.

during the reception, families and extended family and friends stayed through-out the whole event! it was so heartwarming to witness such event. never at such a time the bride and groom are left alone on the stage where they are either accompany by the adults or by the little munchkins.

thank you once again rahmadhan and faezah for engaging me as your official photographer as I am very grateful to witness your lovely event.


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