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Zakir & Hani, two amazing young couple who also photographer themselves! which I didn’t know that until after their wedding nevertheless they are kind enough to let me capture their most eventful day of their life. The story start from Bukit baton civil service centre where I shoot hani’s getting ready shot. this place is magnificent based on their landscape and location. however, the problem I have with this place is the lighting is the SUN!! they had their solemnisation at the foyer at around 10am even though the background is is amazingly nice however the sun is right above us shining at 100%. due to this issue, I have bought a second sun to fit in my bag to counter this problem! costly but surely I won’t faced the same problem.

solemnisation went well of course, Zakir just need one amazing try to announce Hani as his officially beloved wife. After solemnisation, phototaking taking place as usually but one matter that stands out is that they have a lot of wonderful friends! and their friends are so helpful!. I have no problem of asking them for help since they are the bridesmaids and groomsmen. At the end of the day, the bridesmaids said their speech and from there I witnessed how close they are so after the speech the groomsmen prepared a surprise birthday cake for the groom because its his birthday! Oh gosh, how wonderful are the experience is.

2nd day was a short day at Lagun Sari at Geylang (PS. they have 2 or 3 floors therefore please inform your photographers or videographers which floor you are having because I reached there 1 hour before and I noticed that the main floor have not yet open nor ready for a ceremony. So, I messaged the couple and they said its at 2nd floor—> that’s a relieve). The couple came with all their bridesmaid and groomsmen in a cool van!. We shoot and pose and shoot and pose and lastly, it is time for the groomsmen to make their speech. Tears flowing everywhere, emotions flying high and it was so delightful to capture those moments.

Zakir and hani, thank you for letting me to capture your event. Eventhough you guys are photographers you guys are kind enough to let me work my craft. Have a blissful marriage ahead and stay awesome as always guys!

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